By creating a winning culture that is tangible in everyday activities and lived by every member of the team we offer real solutions in a competitive market. Culture is something that your competitors can’t copy or offer at a lower price- your company culture.

We live in a competitive market and your job is to prioritize bringing top talent to your business by offering employees a powerful Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that invites them to develop their career and your company while feeling aligned with your vision.


Hi, I’m Adriana, MBA – SHRM SCP & Culture Strategist. I coach business owners on how to create a winning culture that leverages the identity of their company, articulate and integrate the culture in the behaviors of their employees while inspiring them to perform at peak levels and achieve outstanding results.

At the beginning of my career, I thought the answer was in the PROCESS. I devoted all my time and effort to learn and implement best practices in process improvement. ISO, Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, Project Management, etc. Even though that was fun, and I was successful I realized that without the right people your processes can’t go anywhere. Sound familiar?

Next, I went on a quest for best practices in human resources and talent acquisition. I thought the answer was PEOPLE! How to hire, train and motivate the best. Fortunately, soon enough I learned that your best players will leave! Even if you have the best processes, and even if you thought they were a perfect fit.

That is when everything clicked for me. I realized that creating and implementing a powerful culture is what brings everything together. Process + People doesn’t equal success UNLESS you offer an environment where people can thrive.

But it’s not just about putting a nice quote on the wall, in order to build a winning culture, you have to communicate it in a tangible way so that your employees ritualize it and externalize it through their behaviors and attitude. That’s what I’m here to help you achieve.

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Adriana Vaccaro