Radical acceptance to cultivate belonging.

Belonging is one of those terms that can be defined in multiple ways. From an organizational culture perspective, belonging is a sense of acceptance of who you truly are in the workplace. I was…

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My take on Quick and Easy Culture Transformation and DEI Initiatives

I find myself answering this question often: How fast can you do it? While I recognize the question might come from a place of legitimate care, it is important to understand that change initiatives…

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Hispanic Heritage Month. What Great Looks and Sounds Like.

The importance of Language and Culture in the Workplace Hispanic Heritage Month is quite enjoyable for some of us. It is the time of the year in which it is “cool” to be Hispanic or of Hispanic…

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Diversity and Access

Very often I hear from very well intended leaders, the comment below: “I just want the right person for the job. I don’t care if they are white, black, male, female, etc” While I know what they mean.…

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Closing the gap between good intentions and reality when it comes to an inclusive culture.

Yes, everybody has good intentions. I personally haven’t met in my career a leader or business owner intentionally trying to create or promote exclusion in the workplace. However, how do we take…

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Culture and the trend of authenticity.

We hear and read it often these days. “Be authentic” but what does it really mean? In my opinion, authenticity refers to letting go of the need to filter or dilute who we really are to fit in a place…

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Corporate Culture Beyond the Workplace

One of the benefits of culture initiatives is the creation of a sustainable triple win.Win-Win-Win for the Employees, the Company, and the Community.Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate…

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Culture is DEI&B’s Best Friend

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging are absolutely fascinating concepts. The impact of DEI&B initiatives is powerful in the workplace and beyond. The question is, how do we take…

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Upward Mobility and DEI – BRJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, – Belonging and Racial Justice)

Upward mobility is a very relevant factor in creating an inclusive work culture. There is nothing better for a new hire than to look at the Executive Team and Board of Directors and think, "I could…

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Creating Dream Teams

Most leaders want to develop great teams. They hire excellent individuals and hope to enlist them to achieve their mission. Unfortunately, even though the theory sounds logical, creating Dream Teams…

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The Intersection Between Inclusive Culture and Effective HR Governance

During this session, Joanna will share the importance of inclusive policy writing and HR governance to support a cultural transformation.

Adriana will share best practices of change management and the importance of culture as a tool to amplify Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion followed by a Q&A.

Amplify Culture Through Inclusive Leadership

Organizations benefit greatly from developing inclusive leadership capabilities at all levels as the workplace evolves. During the webinar, Adriana Vaccaro, Culture Redesigned Owner, and Todd Vromam, Adesso Associates Organizational Psychologist, discussed the transition from traditional to inclusive leadership and managing organizational change effectively.

Creating an Inclusive Culture: Closing the Gap Between Intentions & Reality

Throughout the webinar, we’ll assist you in building awareness, capabilities, frameworks, and skills to achieve measurable and high-impact cultural results.

Learn how to integrate DEI into all aspects of the organizational culture, the employee journey, and the customer experience and create a sense of belonging that supports positive, tangible, and lasting change.

Leverage Team Culture Training For FREE Through The Workforce Training Fund Grant

Adriana Vaccaro, Owner of Cultured Redesigned, and Matilda Volpicelli provide an overview of the Culture Redesigned courses eligible for this FREE grant being offered through the State of Massachusetts. You’ll walk away with actionable next steps for creating an effective, intentional, & inclusive company culture and how you can apply for this FREE grant offered to Massachusetts businesses.